What is Cryolipolysis?

It is a technology based on the finding that fat cells are sensitive to cold: Cryolipolysis means "destruction of the fat by the cold."

It is done with a device that exposes the concerned area to an extreme cooling during thirty minutes to an hour. The fat cells are destroyed and progressively eliminated in the following weeks. The skin is literally cooled while being protected by a silicone gel pad. The temperature drops below freezing and is continuously monitored by the device.

Cryolipolysis reduces localized fat from 30 to 45% per session. For some patients, a single treatment is sufficient to achieve the objective they aim. Others decide to do other sessions to lose more fat. The results are similar to liposuction without the side effects and at a lower cost.

The result is not immediate. It is visible after a few days and sometimes up to two months the time that the fat released by the fat cells damaged by the cold, be slowly and naturally eliminated by the lymphatic system and assimilated by the liver.

The body will nevertheless continue to get rid of fat cells for a period that can go from four to six months after treatment.

In addition to thinning, the action of cold also causes a skin firming and cellulite attenuation. Your skin retracts under the effect of cold and collagen returns to its original position without being destroyed or damaged.

Cryolipolysis treats localized excess fat on the hips, stomach, inner thighs, riding breeches, buttocks and back. In any case, it can not replace a diet, if it is needed.

Cryolipolysis is a technique developed and non-intrusive. Everyone can practice it following the directions given to you.